My Dear, My Loyal Readers, My New Found Friends –

I just want to thank you once again for your kind words during this very trying time in my life.

Gwen – Thanks for the Pink elephants!  I am not sure you are aware of how much that meant to me.. but I collect elephants and it was very touching.

Eli – Thank you for being so supportive as a gay father who came to terms with his true calling.  You are a hero to so many including myself.

I have been under the weather and I guess  when you get sick your emotions are just so much stronger than ever… It’s been a really hard week and your emails and presents helped a lot.

Keep on rockin’ don’t stop now… xoxox – LG

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Cannot Judge

I have come to the realization and have digested the fact that my children may have a trans-sexual mother half the time.  Look… when you get divorced you don’t get to choose your kid’s step parents.  Trent grew up with step parents but his parents were straight.  Trent is a tranny lover.  There is nothing wrong with that.  From his tranny lovers that I have been in touch with.. I have been told that he is at his freest when he is with them.  Now, if he chooses to marry one or spend the rest of his life with one… this is something I will have to also live with.  My kids will have to grow up quicker than ever… but I teach them to not discriminate but then again I have never discussed trannies with them… I will leave that up to their father.  Hopefully he will choose his tranny well to be the mother …. God Bless… I can only pray as I have surrendered.

NOTE:  I have nothing against homosexuals or trans-sexuals or anyone. I am just faced with this newness in my life and trying to make light of it.

The pic above is of Dr. James Barry.

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Compassion is Hot Pink!

I almost posted the full pic but the more I started coloring over it the more I realized that I have grown and I do have some compassion in my heart for Trent.  Look at the time-stamp.. middle of his work day in his office… believe me.. no one wants to see what he was doing here…..

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Craig’s List – Being Considered for Services – Is this what it means to pay for sex?

September 11, 2009,

“Hello there, my name is Trent I saw your post on CL and would love to be considered for your services”.

——– imagine.. being considered for a service you are paying for?  What is that called again in divorce?   Money that your significant other during the course of your marriage spends on service consideration?

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Strap-on Experience

December 2006

“Hi Trent,

So tell me about your strap-on experience – If you have any.  If not, tell me what you’re looking for”.


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Mother’s Day Weekend 2012

My son’s birthday is always around Mother’s Day and I usually throw a party the day before but this year because of all that was going on .. his big party with the bouncy house etc was cancelled.  I however had a party with his cousins which was just as wonderful.

Despite the cancellation of the party and the havoc in our lives at time, Trent’s mother and her husband came the weekend of the party and as always I allowed the children to go with Trent to the city and spend a night with them in their hotel room.  The next day which was Saturday, they came back to our house with Trent and the kids and spent all day here.  My son’s two friends from school came over for a playdate.  My sister-in-law and her kids came by and had bbq.  I was helping a cousin with a moving sale and of course did not exactly want to see my in-laws.

Well…. fast forward two months.. lo and behold… guess what?  what you may ask?

Trent’s mother wrote a letter for the court… and guess what it said? It said that I did not allow her to see her grandchildren over mother’s day weekend even though she had traveled all the way here.  Did she forget that?   Did she forget my son’s friends were here?  My sister-in-law and my two nieces?  My brother?  my mother?  Did she forget seeing everyone?  Did she forget that she helped Trent mow the lawn?  Did she forget that she left sliced onion that she cut up for the turkey burgers they grilled in the refrigerator?  Well my nine year old son remembers them being here for sure?  and the hotel has video of them with my kids in the lobby… so… can someone tell me .. why my ex mother-in-law would forget that she saw my kids more than I did during mother’s day weekend?

Note:  I really am looking forward to enjoying Mother’s Day 2013.  Mother’s 2012 was living hell for me.

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Post Divorce – The Children are now grown and are asking questions…

Today I was walking in the rain and it felt so damn good.  These days everything feels so damn good.  Life is beautiful.  I am me again.  I am spontaneous.  I am free.  I am a child of the world.  I am not being told I don’t know how to love.  I am not carrying around an additional 195 pounds but something dawned on me.  What dawned on me was that my 9 year old son would be grown so soon and my little girl before I know it will be a tween.  Like all children they will have questions about mommy and daddy… even now my daughter asks me all of the time “mommy why daddy no like you?”.  Imagine when they are adults and want to know what happened?  Do I send them to this blog?  Do I tell them the truth?  Do I lie to my children?  The answer is “I don’t know”.  I have written letters to both of my children containing the truth and I guess when that time comes I will just give them the letters.  I may give my son the letter before he gets married.  I want them to know that it’s okay to be truthful and faithful to their spouses.  After everything that has happened to me… I can always turn around and say “I never stepped out on my marriage. I believed in my marriage until I had solid reason to not continue doing so any longer”.  On the other hand, Trent never existed.  He was a fraud.  I stopped feeling bad for me over my poor decisions.  At first I thought, well… I would like to thank him for my two children but you know what… I would have had my children with or without Trent because my children were always meant to be… We can’t control our destiny but we sure can be honest and real.. two things that Trent lacked.  The answer is.. I won’t tell the kids that he is a sociopath incapable of emotions.  I will give them the letters though.  I will also, tell them about the people that made up lies about me to try and get me in trouble.  They know who they are.  I have compassion in my heart for all.  It is our creator who does not like ugly.  Ya better believe it!

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“I have to have you soon” Continued

“I was browsing the ads and found you and your big beautiful cock”.- stay tuned for the rest

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No Strings Attached – “Seeking Discreet Daytime Encounters”

This is what Trent was doing while he was at home and at work but I am the abuser who needs a psychiatric evaluation.  Perhaps before his darling mum got him a therapist for abused men she should have rather gotten him a therapist for “confused men”.

Note: From the time stamps from all the photos that were taken in our home bathroom, they all happened when we were watching family movies on a Saturday night and we took snack breaks… What kind of lunatic goes into the bathroom and jerks off and takes pictures of it in the middle of a family movie break?

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Ghost of Creeper Past

This photo was taken on August 28th 2010 on my mother’s 60th Birthday.  Trent was on the move at this time.  He was visiting home but living in a motel.  From the looks of this pic we can see how sleazy this place was.  He called me this same night to tell me that he was no longer in love with me.  Had I seen this pic then I would have ran as far away as possible.

I was holding on off on posting any more pics but since I see that this divorce will just drag on… what choice am I left with?  I have to put this behind me and believe it or not this blog has helped immensely.

There will be many “thank you” cards sent when it’s all said and done and there is one person who I have to kneel before and thank and I believe she knows who she is.

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